Anna Navndrup Pedersen


Anna Navndrup Pedersen

Architectural Design

In an effective and poetic way, Anna Navndrup made visible how our surroundings have their own physique and atmosphere, and how these have a very immediate impact on the way we feel and move: interspace is not empty space. In a hallway of some nine meters long, she vertically strung three thousand white elastic chords between the ceiling and the floor. The amount of strings doubles every meter along the way; at the end of the corridor, one struggles through a density of strings spaced a mere centimetre apart. Abruptly, this forest of strings ends, and one finds oneself in a narrow open space in front of a big window, the only source of light in the installation.
Spectators in front of the installation can see the light at the other end of the corridor, and the silhouettes of those moving like dancers through the space. Looking back from the window, one sees a wall of white strings, seemingly separating you from the world.
From one end, you can see space; from the other, matter. The installation was a great success, and Navndrup was granted a well-deserved Rietveld Award.

Photo 1: Manon Maatje
Photo 2: Taro Lennaerts